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After something like that, he probably feels he has to live to the fullest.

I don't think he's particularly interesting or innovative but that's just me.

Even if they break up, Nate seems like he'd make a good Dad.

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All you want to do is protect her and create the best bubble possible for her to view the world. Move here and you’ll have it in 12 seconds, forget those Chicago men.

Fifth Avenue—that gilded corridor lined with gracious limestone edifices overlooking Central Park.

But there is another patch of Fifth that has an equal yet quite different cachet.

In each one-hour episode, Nate and Jeremiah use their talent and irresistible charm to transform lives through design, rescuing homeowners who have gone over budget and over schedule on renovation projects and cannot see an end in sight.

With budget at the forefront and the couple's lifestyle in mind, Nate and Jeremiah boldly revisit the home's layout to build a practical-yet-stylish space.