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These words are marked with * around the word which has been switched (e.g. To navigate this lengthy guide, you can scroll through our list of 1,500 chat abbreviations or go directly to a specific letter using the following links: Facts about Cloud Computing in 2017 The following facts and statistics capture the changing landscape of cloud computing and how service providers and customers are keeping up with...El periodista deportivo mantuvo encuentros sexuales con la mediática y los concretaba en la casa de ella.Our family of independently operated companies provides services to millions of people, and every single customer has unique tastes.Our broad range of companies offers our associates endless opportunities in different geographies and lines of business.ILBL8 – I’ll be late ILU – I love you ILUM – I love you man ILY – I love you IM – Instant message IMAO – In my arrogant opinion IMHO – In my humble opinion Im L – () ITYK – I thought you knew IUSS – If you say so IWALU – I will always love you IWAWO – I want a way out IWIAM – Idiot wrapped in a moron IYKWIM – If you know what I mean IYO – In your opinion IYSS – If you say so j00 – You j00r – Your JA – Just Acting JAC – Just a sec JAM – Just a minutes Jellie – Jealous Jelly – Jealous JFF – Just for fun JFGI – Just Fuck Google it JIC – Just in case JJA – Just joking around JK – Just kidding JLMK – Just let me know JMO – Just my opinion JP – Just playing JP – Jackpot () KDFU – Means Cracking (K) the (D as in Da) fucked up KEWL – Cool KEYA – I will key you later KEYME – Key me when you get in KFY – Kiss for you KIA – Know it all KIA – Killed In Action KISS – Keep it simple, stupid KIT – Keep in touch KOC – Kiss on cheek KOL – Kiss on lips KOTC – Kiss on the cheek KOTL – Kiss on the lips KNIM – Know what I mean?

- Đừng cho nó lau bằng tay - Hưng phụ họa - quỳ xuống mà liếm cho ông anh để chuộc lỗi, mau. Trước khi vào phòng, chị Trinh đã răn đe nó như thế “Ngoan ngoãn, làm đúng theo lời các anh ấy thì một đêm làm đủ đóng tiền học cả năm em à. Dũng thích loại gái khác, ở chỗ khác cao cấp hơn nhiều. Además de los chats que lo complican por su alto contenido sexual, cámaras de seguridad dejaron registrados los encuentros entre Latorre y Jaitt como también las imágenes en el interior de la casa.Last month, we called guys out for all of the awkward things they do in bed that taint a woman's pleasure and/or incite laughter (usually both).Most people will only know a dozen or so general text abbreviations and a few more that are used by people with similar interests online.To keep our chat guide user-friendly for all ages, some inappropriate words have been edited to include an alternate meaning.