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Mike’s has been stuffing Brooklynites full of monstrous bursting-at-the-seems homemade donuts for over 30 years.The place is run by Mike Neamonitis and his son Gus.So without further ado, let's catch up with some of the most memorable movie jerks and see what they look like now.Robert Scott Bell hosts the fastest two hours of healing information on radio, dealing with everyday health issues from the perspective of alternative/holistic health care.Generally speaking, the hot weather’s effect on an individual cannot be readily managed using just engineering controls.In these circumstances some of the most effective ways of managing hot environments is by introducing some simple administrative controls, including: The Ministry of Labor advises that as an employer it is crucial that you provide cool drinking water near workers and remind them to drink a cup about every 20 minutes, or more frequently, to stay hydrated.Spread out all the ingredients in the lined and greased baking tray, excluding the eggs and spinach (don’t worry – you will make space for them later). Blognut’s back in Brooklyn celebrating our centesimal post with a visit to Mike’s Donuts in Bay Ridge.

Pinterest is awash with mouthwatering images of food and delicious-sounding recipes.

Some of you are ready for Halloween, but are you ready for Daylight Savings Time to end and normal time to begin?

RSB and Super D discuss the dangers associated with the time change.

But when you take away the cinematic environment and add a few years, these bullies are far less intimidating than we remember.

From 's silver-haired Slytherin Draco Malfoy, movie history is filled with all sorts of tormenting harassers.