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Histories, cultures, people and their foods were to get all mixed up in many subtle and obvious ways, even though it is still possible for us to trace some of the connections between the Mediterranean culture of Greece, as it travelled through West and Central Asia to the Ganga-Jamuna plains of northern India.

The Ancient Connect The “fall” of Constantinople, the establishing of Arab rule through much of Europe and Asia, the subsequent Ottoman empire, spanning 600 years of civilisation with its political and cultural influence stretching from the edges of the Mediterranean, through the Balkan states to the Subcontinent meant that what are today the republics of Greece and India have always been much closer than geographical proximity would suggest.

It was identified by Coldstream as a variant of a Euboean Middle Protogeometric (MPG) or early Late Protogeometric (LPG) .

A large number of Euboean PG sherds were found at Tyre (Bikai 1978: p Is.

From the Geometric period, a few MG sherds were found at Megiddo, Samaria and Tell Abu Hawam, all from insecure contexts.

An additional well-stratified small sherd comes from Tel Beth-Shean .

The five suspects who testified Wednesday are expected to be moved from police holding cells to prison by the end of the week.

In fact, there is nothing like food to trace this common heritage and many of the dishes that we take for granted today as part of pan-Indian cuisine(s) are actually Greek/Turkish in origin..It did not take long for local Sicilians to adopt many of their colonizer's customs, including those related to architecture and religion.Temples were an important part of life in ancient Greece.Four of nine men charged in the beating death of a 22-year-old American tourist outside a bar on a Greek island have appeared in court for initial testimony, a day after the other five suspects were jailed pending trial on murder charges.The four, all Serb nationals, were questioned Thursday over the July 7 death of Bakari Henderson.