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The house made its first move to a 10-acre site on Gruene Road and Hanz Drive.This move required cutting the building in half, removing 3 chimneys and the roof, and transporting it across 2 river bridges.Inspired by the history of the area and the idea to develop a Bed and Breakfast, they began to locate historic homes in the New Braunfels and Gruene area and move them to their 8-acre "homestead." With help from brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, cousins, nieces and nephews, vintage buildings have been renovated to reflect the ambiance of their era and to provide modern-day comforts to guests.There are currently 10 buildings with 22 guest units on the 8 acres located less than a mile from the Gruene Historical District.Over in our Topic Guides, we have a guide called Theological Links, where we list various websites that we suggest taking a look at.

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Many restaurants in the city centre specialize in cooking from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and on the menu, are authentic dishes like schnitzels, sausages, soups, cakes and strudels.

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The Faust House is the flagship of the 8-acre homestead and is familiar in New Braunfels as "the house that has moved around town." Built in the early 1900's, it was originally located in the downtown area of New Braunfels.

Today it sits fully restored on the main Homestead property after being moved three times during its almost 1OO years of existence.