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His other successful movies are Your Friends & Neighbors in 1998 (he played the role of sexually frustrated husband, for this role he had to gain some weight).In 1999 his romantic comedy Molly was released he where he played the role of self-absorbed brother of autistic woman. He did numbers of films like Possession (2002), The Core (2003), The Missing (2003), NBC's comedy sitcom Frasier, Suspect Zero.“I found out about them through Jennifer Aniston,” Eckhart recalls.“She was doing a fundraiser and I happened to be in the building.“The thing is I want to do movies for adults about adults, relationship movies. His mother worked as a children's book writer, and the family relocated to London during Eckhart's teens for his father's computer exec career. And afterward they need to regenerate and recharge.”Aaron Eckhart was born on March 12, 1968, in Cupertino, part of the county of Santa Clara, California, to a Mormon home.Discovering he had a passion for acting after being cast in , Eckhart later moved to Australia during his senior year, attending a drama school but dropping out to earn income as a movie theater usher.

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Born to a computer executive father and a mother who was a children books author on March 12, 1968, Eckhart had made Cupertino, California his home but spent much of his life globe-trotting.

His first step in his acting career was in commercials. In 1997 Eckhart approached in the film In the Company of Men.

His movie In the Company of Men was critically successful and he was the owner of Best First Film at the 63rd annual New York Film Critics Circle Award.

“We visited cancer units, HIV units, children’s units and old folks homes,” Eckhart says.

“These images may look sad or grim to some people, but they’re not. I think these images reflect the reality of people’s lives, but what’s captured is all beautiful to me.”And, apparently, eye-pleasing to fellow photography buffs.