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All Windows operating systems since Windows NT 3.1 are designed to support roaming profiles.

Normally, a standalone computer stores the user's documents, desktop items, application preferences, and desktop appearance on the local computer in two divided sections, consisting of the portion that could roam plus an additional temporary portion containing items such as the web browser cache.

The article is for 2010 but works for 2013 as well.

A roaming user profile is a concept in the Windows NT family of operating systems that allows users with a computer joined to a Windows Server domain to log on to any computer on the same network and access their documents and have a consistent desktop experience, such as applications remembering toolbar positions and preferences, or the desktop appearance staying the same.

The login prompt on the local computer checks to see if the user exists in the domain rather than on the local computer; no pre-existing account is required on the local computer.

If the domain login is successful, the roaming profile is copied from the central file server to the desktop computer, and a local account is created for the user.

When a logged on user clicks on the Update Profile links the following update profile pages is displayed.

When a roaming user is created, the user's profile information is instead stored on a centralized file server accessible from any network-joined desktop computer.

Yes, I know how to puzzle through the documentation and learn when each file is or isn't loaded.

What I'm wondering is if anyone has every put together comprehensive guidelines for how to decide which file to put a given type of customization in.

I want to update his profile picture on my website as well via a cron job which will run every 24 hours.

I wanted to know if this is possible and secondly if this is in violation of facebook privacy policy.