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Bledel: I used to worry about that [kind of thing] when the show first started.

But my perspective is that when you're a kid, if your audience is a group of children or teenagers, you do have some level of social responsibility. But other entertainers will say that that's not their responsibility, and I can see how they might feel that way as well.

Every time we think Gilmore Girls can't possibly surprise us again, the beloved WB dramedy (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET) goes and does just that. I think it's cool just to see a fresh, new relationship with all of its problems and complications. It's felt that way for me, especially, because we have all these new young kids coming in for the college scenes. Your contract is up in two years, so you could either quit or stay and do both the show and movies.

I'm a Philadelphia businessman with, like, suits off the rack. My character's off working in corporate Philadelphia.

By popular demand (152 e-mails and counting), here's the complete transcript of my interview with Milo Ventimiglia, conducted last Friday during a preplanned meet-and-greet at TV Guide's Gotham headquarters. Ausiello: But what if the new show-runner, Dave Rosenthal, asks you? Milo: I appreciate that, but I'm pretty busy this year. Milo: I felt that it was done a long time ago, but Dan and Amy kept saying, "We got some cool things, and we're really hoping you'll be a part of it." So I went back and I kind of enjoyed what Jess turned into. Watching [my] last episode, I was like, "It's done." Ausiello: Were you surprised that Amy and Dan left? I think they thought that [Warner Bros.] was willing to take care of them like they take care of John Wells and Aaron Sorkin. [Amy and Dan] had always been developing with the studio and trying to find some things to do, so the fact that they stepped away doesn't surprise me. Paulie, in the original script, had a girlfriend, and was still working at the meatpacking place, so Rocky was just on his own. He starts thinking about boxing again, and ESPN does this thing where they match up old fighters and new fighters in a computer to see who would win per stat.

Juicy, scoopy bits abound - particularly the stuff about Lauren Graham's Gilmore Girls contract that you just know I'll be asking her about tomorrow if, er, when she lands her first Emmy nomination! Milo: [ Chuckles] That's about all you'll get out of me. Amy said she knows what happens in the last scene of the final episode, so who knows how that's going to turn out. It was always nice that they kept wanting me to come back. And they match up Rocky versus the current champion, and in the computer, Rocky wins.

(The shorts also aired during the commercial breaks on the premiere of MTV’s The Real World: Sydney in August.) Even Milo the teen idol—who had gained legions of fans during a four-season stint as prepubescent lust object Jess Mariano on The Gilmore Girls—got into the act, shooting a steamy music video with Fergie, for which he spent most of the time shirtless.

“He’s a single guy on the hottest show on television,” says Sendhil Ramamurthy, who plays Heroes’ questing academic Mohinder Suresh.